The Great Reset Conspiracy, Covid, and Resistance

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At the heart of the Great Reset Conspiracy, a theory that global elites are using the pandemic to establish a New World Order (NWO), is a confluence of fears brought forward by the pandemic, including economic, health, and the long-standing notion of elites enslaving humanity. The words of Prince Charles on June 3rd, 2020 to encourage the “resetting” of the global economy and humanity’s response to potentially cataclysmic climate change, did not evoke a  movement, but instead served as the “proof” of the beginning of a New World Order (NWO). The words “the Great Reset” have now been uttered by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and conspiracists have re-interpreted President Joe Biden’s campaign slogan “Build Back Better,” as proof that the global elites are using the pandemic as their opportunity to establish the NWO.

In a 2016 World Economic Forum (WEF) video, the founder of WEF Klaus Schwab, among others, made predictions regarding life in 2030. Conspiracists use a key phrase within Schwab’s prediction, “You’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy. This is how our world could change by 2030,” as one of the foundational pieces of evidence for their theories about The Great Reset. The video was initially tweeted by the WEF, but that tweet has since been deleted. During the summer of 2020 the video resurfaced as the conspiracy developed. According to the theory’s adherents, Covid was created in a lab by elites specifically to enact their global takeover. By halting the economy and “forcing” people to stay within their homes, they have, allegedly created laws, that are an opening step towards the enslavement of all.

The belief is that while people are in isolation and unemployed the various governments will try to alleviate our fears by eliminating all debt. In doing so the powerful cabal of elites will takeover the ownership of homes, businesses, and all real estate. Since people will continue to work out of their homes, they will “rent” these spaces and not own them, as well as all of the belongings within. With the Great Reset, conspiracists believe that the policies enacted during the pandemic, changes to immigration, and political coordination to combat climate change provide the foundation for a global communist society—one—that will eliminate individual countries and nations. Resistance to Covid policies are promoted by Great Reset conspiracists as the first step in saving each nation from this fate.

These ideas of the rise of communist society or NWO being linked to the economy, are also attributed, by the conspiracists to the founder of WEF. Schwab explained in a 2019 Time magazine article the various forms of capitalism that the world can choose from to best assist future generations. Schwab has been promoting a form of “stakeholder capitalism” for decades and argues in his article that this form of capitalism best addresses the needs of a world facing social and environmental challenges. In his words, stakeholder capitalism “positions private corporations as trustees of society.” Envisioning corporations as more than profit-seeking entities, Schwab also sees them as social organisms. As such, corporations should play a greater role in society by instituting policies for environmental sustainability, paying higher taxes, and participating in the social welfare safety net. The Prince of Wales’s Sustainable Markets Initiative, a partner program of WEF, which Prince Charles spoke about in his 2020 video presentation, calls for “fairer outcomes” and corporate investment in a sustainable future. Schwab and the WEF’s initial video on the great reset were largely ignored until the pandemic, when Fox Business, Fox News, and Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze, began to present it as a tool to destroy capitalism and the Western world. After Biden’s victory, the Great Reset conspiracy began to explode on forums and social media.

Soon conservative media were focusing on the Great Reset as a conspiracy, as a result of the Covid pandemic. Fox’s Laura Ingraham, conservative political commentator Candance Owens and Sky News’s James Delingpole have all promoted the notion that the Great Reset as the leading threat to capitalism and nation states.

Anti-Covid and anti-vaxx protests and forums are rife with discussion of and mobilization against the Great Reset conspiracy. Those attempting to stop the so-called globalist elites frame their movements within the language of saving the sovereignty of their country. American Great Reset conspiracists build upon the “stop the steal” and the QAnon conspiracies. The solidarity of being a Q proponent has always rested on the idea that they are patriots saving their country from various enemies, both domestic and foreign, it is not surprising them that the QAnon supporters see the Great Reset as another threat to “True Americans” who are striving to save their nation. Covid nationalism, vaccine nationalism, and the fear of a centralization of power and a New World Order, seem to be the confluence of numerous fears that are encapsulated in the intersection of conspiracies.  

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