Kentucky and #NEHforAll

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We were alerted by Joseph J. Ferreira, Jr., former H-Net Council President, about the new website, hosted by the National Humanities Alliance. As was requested and in celebration of Arts and Humanities Month, we checked out the new website to see what impact NEH projects had on Kentucky citizens. Kentucky has three projects listed there:

We know that it's a lot of work to apply for NEH funding (H-Kentucky via joined in with loads of other wonderful partners to support the Kentucky Woman Suffrage Project's recent submission via the University of Kentucky for a "Community Conversations" Public Humanities Projects grant). So, we're not surprised that there are not many programs in Kentucky for the website to showcase. Nevertheless, it's important that we all show our support for federal support for the arts and humanities - and working with our non-profit institutions here in Kentucky who use NEH funding, especially our leader in this effort - the Kentucky Humanities Council, is a good way to show your support.

Check out the new website - and let others know by using #NEHforAll in your social media posts.