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Home Office Notices (Jobs, Reviews)
November 6, 2017
United States
The following reviews were posted to the H-Net web site between
30 Oct 2017 and 06 Nov 2017.

Reviewed for Jhistory by Kimberley Mangun
   Fagan, Benjamin.  _Black Newspaper and the Chosen Nation, The_.
   Athens: University of Georgia Press, 2016.  186 pp.  $44.95, ISBN

Reviewed for H-Sci-Med-Tech by Michael Burnam-Fink
   Kline, Ronald R..  _Cybernetics Moment:  Or Why We Call Our Age
   the Information Age, The_.  Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University
   Press, 2015.  xi + 336 pp.  $54.95, ISBN 978-1-4214-1671-7.

Reviewed for H-War by Brandon Michael Schechter
   Frierson, Cathy A..  _Silence Was Salvation: Child Survivors of
   Stalin's Terror and World War II in the Soviet Union_.  Annals of
   Communism Series. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2015.  288 pp.
   $65.00, ISBN 978-0-300-17945-3.

Reviewed for H-War by Benjamin Cawthra
   Dell'Orto, Giovanna.  _AP Foreign Correspondents in Action: World
   War II to the Present_.  New York: Cambridge University Press,
   2015.  393 pp.  $29.99, ISBN 978-1-107-51930-5.

Reviewed for H-FedHist by Louis Moore
   Belanger, Kelly.  _Invisible Seasons: Title IX and the Fight for
   Equity in College Sports_.  Sports and Entertainment Series.
   Syracuse: Syracuse University Press, 2016.  504 pp.  $44.95, ISBN

Reviewed for H-Diplo by Robert Pee
   Coleman, Bradley Lynn; Longley, Kyle, eds.  _Reagan and the World:
   Leadership and National Security, 1981-1989_.  Studies in Conflict
   Diplomacy Peace Series. Lexington: University Press of Kentucky,
   2017.  336 pp.  $60.00, ISBN 978-0-8131-6937-8.

Reviewed for H-Early-America by Anna Leigh Todd
   Parkinson, Robert G..  _Common Cause: Creating Race and Nation in
   the American Revolution, The_.  Chapel Hill: University of North
   Carolina Press, 2016.  xi + 742 pp.  $45.00, ISBN 978-1-4696-2663-

Reviewed for H-Diplo by Michelle Egan
   Krastev, Ivan.  _After Europe_.  Philadelphia: University of
   Pennsylvania Press, 2017.  128 pp.  $19.95, ISBN 978-0-8122-4943-

Reviewed for H-Diplo by Zachary Selden
   Busch, Nathan E.; Pilat, Joseph F..  _Politics of Weapons
   Inspections: Assessing WMD Monitoring and Verification Regimes,
   The_.  Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2017.  400 pp.
   $29.95, ISBN 978-1-5036-0160-4.

Reviewed for H-War by Alexandre F. Caillot
   Smith, Mark M..  _Smell of Battle, the Taste of Siege: A Sensory
   History of the Civil War, The_.  New York: Oxford University
   Press, 2014.  216 pp.  $31.95, ISBN 978-0-19-975998-9.

Reviewed for H-Disability by Pamela L. Dale
   Waldschmidt, Anne; Berressem, Hanjo; Ingwersen, Moritz, eds..
   _Culture-Theory-Disability: Encounters between Disability Studies
   and Cultural Studies_.  Disability Studies: Body - Power -
   Difference Series. Bielefeld: Transcript Verlag, 2017.  280 pp.
   $45.00, ISBN 978-3-8376-2533-2.

Reviewed for H-Nationalism by Nazli Alimen
   Yilmaz, Hale.  _Becoming Turkish: Nationalist Reforms and Cultural
   Negotiations in Early Republican Turkey 1923-1945_.  Syracuse:
   Syracuse University Press, 2016.  352 pp.  $29.95, ISBN 978-0-8156-

Reviewed for H-Judaic by Geraldine Gudefin
   Leff, Lisa Moses.  _Archive Thief: The Man Who Salvaged French
   Jewish History in the Wake of the Holocaust, The_.  Oxford: Oxford
   University Press, 2015.  304 pp.  $31.95, ISBN 978-0-19-938095-4.

Reviewed for H-Soz-u-Kult by Tobias Ebbrecht-Hartmann
   Czekaj, Sonja.  _Deutsche Geschichtsbilder – Filme reflektieren
   Geschichte: Modellierungen historischer (Dis-)Kontinuität in
   selbstreflexiven Non-Fiction Filmen_.  Marburg: Schüren Verlag,
   2011.  364 S.  , ISBN 978-3-89472-929-5.

Reviewed for H-Soz-u-Kult by Konrad Petrovszky
   Zimmermann, Tanja.  _Der Balkan zwischen Ost und West: Mediale
   Bilder und kulturpolitische Prägungen_.  Köln: Böhlau Verlag,
   2014.  368 S.  , ISBN 978-3-412-22163-8.

Reviewed for H-Soz-u-Kult by Markus Wahl
   Winter, Jay.  _War beyond Words: Languages of Remembrance from the
   Great War to the Present_.  Cambridge: Cambridge University Press,
   2017.  XXII, 234 S., 80 Abb.  29.99, ISBN 978-0-521-87323-9.

Reviewed for H-Soz-u-Kult by Bernd Stiegler
   Vowinckel, Annette.  _Agenten der Bilder: Fotografisches Handeln
   im 20. Jahrhundert_.  Göttingen: Wallstein Verlag, 2016.  480 S.
   , ISBN 978-3-8353-1926-4.
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