Personal reason for Father Edmund A. Walsh's Anti-Communism?

Colleagues:  I have been reading books written in the 1930s by Father Walsh of Georgetown.  It seems that he had a deep personal reason for his Anti-Communism, but I cannot find a clear explanation.  Did he leave diaries, or did others leave personal memoirs that reveal his thinking?

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Catholic Record Society 65th Annual Conference | Registration now open! | Optional online and in-person

The Catholic Record Society 65th Annual Conference

24 - 26 July 2023 | Hinsley Hall, Leeds (UK)


The Council of the Catholic Record Society is pleased to announce that registration for the Catholic Record Society 65th Annual Conference is now open.

New Website: Catholic Native American Boarding Schools

I'd like to bring to the attention of the group the release of a new resource for tracking archival holdings on Catholic-affiliated Native American Boarding Schools. The list of 87 schools in 22 states is provided here: https://ctah.archivistsacwr.org/ This is a work in progress. It would be helpful to the list compilers if the historical community could weigh in with corrections and suggestions for improvement.


Patrick J. Hayes, Ph.D.

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