New Social Media Archive

The PRC History group is pleased to announce that we have archived a very interesting discussion that appeared recently on Facebook, so that it is now publicly available and with added commentary. Lucas Klein posted a question about Tani Barlow’s translation of Ding Ling’s “Miss Sophie’s Diary” and that led to a long exchange with lots of important insight and excellent references. We archived the full post, along with an introduction by Klein and afterwords by Tani Barlow on her translation and by Roy Chan, who reflected on using the translation in teaching.

New issue of the PRC History Review: Roundtable Review of Land Wars

The PRC History Group is pleased to announce a new issue of the PRC History Review. This issue features a roundtable on Brian DeMare's Land Wars: The Story of China's Agrarian Revolution (Stanford University Press, 2019), with five contributions and a response from the author.  http://prchistory.org/prc-history-review/ 

MA in Modern China Studies, University of Freiburg (Zoom info session)

Dear all:

I will be hosting an information session on Zoom about our English-language MA program in Modern China Studies here at the University of Freiburg on February 24 at 12h Central European Time. If you have students who might be interested in our program, please encourage them to attend using the link below!




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