the changing status of history in China today --

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Another update that I've been meaning to share for several weeks now -- 

Recent global debates over the "New Qing History" and, within China, "historical nihilism" and Communist Party history have been documented with great precision on the University of Göttingen-based History, Ethics and Faith in China blog ( edited by Prof. Dr. Axel Schneider. It is difficult to do justice to the breadth of the blog's contents, but readers with find an incredible wealth of historiographical articles (nearly all in Chinese, all with links and citations indicating the original venue of publication), TOCs, reviews, other history-related writing. I've included a list of the blog's own categories list below to as a way of indicating the range of archived materials. In the end it's hard to call this a "blog" ... for those interested in historiographical study and debate within China today, the site is a unique and indispensible reference.

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