PRC-based public history journal's call for papers

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I received this from a few colleagues who are involved in the project and thought to share it with you all.

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Public History (《公众史学》), founded in 2018, is the leading national journal of public history in China. The journal serves as the key venue for the emergent field of public history in the Chinese language. The innovation of media technology in the past twenty years has allowed the public to access, produce, interpret and disseminate historical knowledge. Various public history practices in China and around the globe have prompted scholars and professionals to reflect on theories and methodologies that dissolve boundaries between professionals and the public.


The upcoming special issue of Public History invites short articles discussing Public History in the Global Context. We are looking for contributions discussing how public history works or fails in different countries and cultures, as well as the opportunities and challenges of public history globally.


Contributions should be clear and accessible, double-spaced, and ranges from 3500-4500 words, in English (with the exceptions of contributions from China). Authors should avoid jargon. Please bear in mind that any article in Public History has to be of interest, and fully accessible, to non-specialists as well as specialist readers, so prior knowledge should not be assumed: state the context of the work, identify individuals whom you mention, and explain specialist references. All submissions must be the original work of the author that has not been published previously, as a whole or in part, either in print or electronically, or is soon to be so published.


Submission Due Date: February 28, 2021.


Articles and all editorial correspondence should be addressed to: 


         Na Li:;

Na Li
Research Fellow/Professor
Department of History, Zhejiang University
Editor Public History, A National Journal of Public History