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Dear all,


Dr. Tim Weston at the University of Colorado Boulder asked me to share the following call-for-papers below.


I’m writing to solicit proposals for panels, roundtables, or individual papers for the Historical Society for Twentieth-Century China’s Biennial Conference, “China’s Engagement with the Modern World,” which we’ll be holding, remotely via Zoom, beginning on Friday, August 14. The conference will run for several days, with the number of days being dependent on the number of presentations we will have. Conference sessions will be scheduled to take place in the mornings, United States time, to facilitate participation from as many people outside the United States as possible. We will make sure that all conference Zoom sessions are secure.


Our hope is that you will submit proposals for fully formed panels, including a discussant. If you are able to put together a panel but not to identify a discussant, we will assign someone to serve in that capacity. If you would like to submit a paper but cannot find others to form a panel with you, we will work to group you with others who have submitted lone paper proposals. Roundtable proposals are also welcome. The conference will be conducted in English and proposals and presentations should also be in English.


Proposals should include the following information:

Panels: Panel title, panel abstract (250 words), participants’ names (three plus a discussant) and contact information, individual presentation titles, and one-paragraph abstracts for each paper (200 words). Each presentation should be 20 minutes in length.

Roundtables: Session title, session abstract (250 words), participants’ names and contact information, titles or subjects to be discussed by respective participants. A roundtable should consist of 4 or 5 participants, each of whom should prepare to speak for 5–7 minutes.

Individual papers: Paper title, paper abstract (200 words), author’s name and contact information.


Please submit your proposals to and by no later than Monday, July 27, 2020.