AAS 2020 panel on gender & labor

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We are seeking a fourth panelist for our session on gendered concepts of labor in the P.R.C. for the 2020 AAS conference in Boston next March.


Currently, we have three papers, one exploring representations of domestic labor on people’s communes, another on Yan’an discourses around the mobilization of weaving women in the home, and a third on gendered divisions of labor in recovering heroin addicts in the Reform era.


If you have a proposal for a paper that could interact productively with these, please send a message of interest to abaecker@umich.edu by next Monday, July 22. We are open to different disciplinary approaches and take an expansive view toward the historical timeframes of the P.R.C.


Thank you!


Angie Baecker

PhD Candidate

Asian Languages & Cultures, University of Michigan