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Dear all:

I have a recent publication out that others might find of interest: "Giving ‘Prominence to Politics’: African Sportsmen Visit China in the Early Cultural Revolution." It's in an edited volume on China-Africa relations and primarily based on archival sources (Shanghai) of African sports team delegation visits made to China between June-October 1966. I'm forwarding the book announcement with table of contents below (originally posted to the Chinese in Africa/Africans in China (CA/AC) Research Network), but if anyone would like a copy of just my chapter please contact me directly, off-list.

Amanda Shuman

"We’re pleased to announce the publication of China-Africa Relations: Building Images through Cultural Cooperation, Media Representation and Communicationedited by Kathryn Batchelor and Xiaoling Zhang (Routledge, 2017), with contributions by many of the list members. Please see below for the table of contents.

Table of Contents


Introduction and Context


Introduction: Images, Nation Branding and News Framing

By Kathryn Batchelor and Xiaoling Zhang


Beyond the Drama: Sino-African Ties in Perspective

By Ian Taylor


PART 1: Building Images through Cultural Cooperation and Diplomacy


Section A: Historical Contexts


Revolutionary Friendship: Representing Africa during the Mao Era

By Melissa Lefkowitz


Giving ‘Prominence to Politics’: African Sportsmen Visit China in the Early Cultural Revolution

By Amanda Shuman


Section B. Contemporary Relations


Twenty-first Century Sino-African Cultural Cooperation: Exploring Reciprocity

By Kathryn Batchelor


Confucius Institutes in Africa: Culture and Language without Controversy?

By Kenneth King


China Corner: Chinese Book Donations to Africa

By Catherine Gilbert


China’s Digital Public Diplomacy towards Africa: Actors, Messages and Audiences

By Dani Madrid-Morales


PART 2: Building Images through Media Representation and Communication


Chinese Media and Diplomacy in Africa: Theoretical Pathways

By Bob Wekesa


Newspaper Coverage of China’s Engagement with Nigeria: Partner or Predator?

By Emeka Umejei


Media Construction of African Image(s) for the Chinese Media Public

By Xiaoling Zhang


Chinese Developmentalism and Television Representation of South Africa

By Qing Cao


The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Activities of Huawei and ZTE in Africa

By Tokunbo Ojo


The Effectiveness of Chinese Technical Assistance and Knowledge Transfer in East Africa from the Perspective of Medium-of-Instruction

By Xuefei Shi, Min Chen and Paul Hoebink