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A message from Felix Wemheuer:

Dear colleagues,
I plan to organize or join a panel for the next AAS. I would be interested in a panel on “The Cultural Revolution in the Provinces” , “Provincial Politics/Histories in Maoist China” or “Individual and Collective Memories: Making Sense of the Cultural Revolution”.  I am working on the Cultural Revolution in Shandong now.
Best wishes
Professor for Modern China Studies, University of Cologne

Dear Felix,

I am interested in joining or setting up a panel on or related to the Chinese Cultural Revolution for the AAS 2015. Your proposal for a panel on “Individual and Collective Memories: Making Sense of the Cultural Revolution” is particularly interesting to me given my background in memory studies and individual narratives related to the CR. 

My paper for the AAS will be called "Fabricating the Revolutionary Self: Diary Writing during the Cultural Revolution", and will be about the the Chinese subjectivity, and the personal diaries written throughout the political movement.

If you are interested in collaborating with me please email me at shan.windscript@unimelb.edu.au

Best regards,


Ph.D. Candidate in History, the University of Melbourne, Australia