A Roundtable Discussion of Gail Hershatter's The Gender of Memory (PRC History Review)

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The PRC History Group announces the PRC History Review! In this inaugural issue, Gail Hershatter responds to seven reviewers, each of whom draws on their own research to evaluate the many contributions to PRC history and historical method made by Hershatter's award-winning book,  The Gender of Memory: Rural Women and China's Collective Past (University of California Press, 2011).

You can access the entire May 2014 issue at prchistory.org/review/

Or use the links below to navigate directly to the reviews and response.

PRC History Review Volume 1 Number 1 May 2014

Editorial Introduction

Jacob Eyferth, University of Chicago

Gender and the Collectivization of Rural Labor

Alexander F. Day, Occidental College

Narrative, Temporality, and Subaltern Experience

Harriet Evans, University of Westminster

Gender and the Politics of Everyday Life

Jacob Eyferth, University of Chicago

The Historian’s Craft

Alessandro Portelli,  Università La Sapienza di Roma

Rural Women in the Chinese and Soviet Countryside: A Comparative Perspective

Irina Mukhina, Assumption College

Lessons We Need to Learn

Aminda Smith, Michigan State University

Hershatter’s Analysis of Virtues and the Construction of the Self

Yunxiang Yan, University of California, Los Angeles

A Response

Gail Hershatter, University of California, Santa Cruz


The PRC History Review is published by the Editorial Board of the PRC History Group