Workshop: Statistics, Categories, Politics at University of Freiburg this week

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On October 4-5, the Maoist Legacy project team will be hosting the workshop "Statistics, Categories, Politics" at the University of Freiburg, bringing together scholars of imperial and modern China to discuss digital methods, quantitative approaches, and the reading of statistical sources. An overview of speakers and titles is below. The full program can be found on our website at:

Day 1

Dealing with Maoist Legacy Data Collecting Data for the Maoist Legacy Project
Daniel Leese, Amanda Shuman, Zhang Man (University of Freiburg)

Differentiation Work: Equivalence and Equity in the Unmaking of Capitalist Nationals
Puck Engman (University of Freiburg)

Context, Statistics, and Explanation: The Cultural Revolutionary Killings in Guangxi, 1967-68
Song Guoqing (University of Freiburg)

Creating Statistics in the Mao Era Counting Bodies and Body Parts: Accidental Deaths and Injuries in the People’s Republic of China
Jeremy Brown (Simon Fraser University)

When Murderers Were Chickens and to Arrest Was to Purchase Raw Materials: The Encoding of Classified Statistical Data in First Tier Point-to-Point Twisted Pair Cable Transmission during China’s Great Leap Forward
Michael Schoenhals (Lund University)

Tracking a Violent Insurgency: China 1967-68
Andrew Walder (Stanford University)

Network Dynamics and Graph Visualization: Spatial Diffusion of Revolutionary Events
Angela Lu (City University of Hong Kong)

Building Your Corpus Analytics Toolbox: A How-to Guide for Historians
Glenn Tiffert (The Hoover Institution, Stanford University)

Day 2

Using Local Gazetteers with a Collective Lens
Chen Shih-pei (Max Planck Institute, Berlin)

Creating, Linking, Visualizing and Interpreting Chinese Datasets
Hilde De Weerdt (Leiden University)

Text-Mining Chinese Corpora: A Workflow to Analyze and Visualize Large Document Collections
Paul Vierthaler (Leiden University)

Roundtable Discussion - Led with comments from Konrad Lawson (University of St Andrews) and moderated by Amanda Shuman (University of Freiburg)

We hope this will start an ongoing conversation for those of us working in PRC history and beyond!

Dr. Amanda Shuman
Post-doc researcher & database programmer, University of Freiburg, The Maoist Legacy Project