Summer Reading?

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I am a Mao magpie and have recently acquired a palimpsesty object:

a 1954 PLA Condolence Handbook that was given to someone in Nanjing “分开了8年,今天相逢。叙述骨肉情” in April 1957. The book remained unused until 1964 when a diary was begun.

There are sporadic, often lengthy, entries from 1964.2.29 to 1966.11.17 covering 86 closely written pages. There is one entry dated 1970 and a final one in 1986, which may be associated with some very minor redactions on a few of the earlier pages.

I cannot even begin to read Chinese handwriting, so I have no idea whether the entries are interesting or significant in any way.

I have photographed three pages (from '64, '65, and '66), and I am happy to send these to anyone who would like to take a look.

Clint Twist