New issue of Journal of the British Association for Chinese Studies (JBACS, Vol 7, July 2017)

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The new issue of JBACS has articles of interest to PRC historians:

JBACS: Journal of the British Association for Chinese Studies, new issue (Volume 7, July 2017) now out!

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Editors: Sarah Dauncey (University of Nottingham) and Gerda Wielander (University of Westminster).

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Volume 7: July 2017

Editors’ Introduction

Research Articles:
* Strategic Theory and Xi Jinping’s Taiwan Test – Lauren Dickey
* Leaning to the Left: The Post-War Political Reorganisation of Chinese Women Activists within the CCP United Front Framework (1945-1949) – Vivienne Xiangwei Guo
* The Contested Role of Foreign and Domestic Foundations in the PRC: Policies, Positions, Paradigms, Power – Andreas Fulda

Essays & Notes:
* It All Started on a Train in China in 1976… – Don Rimmington
* Negotiating Politics and Academia – Stephan Feuchtwang
* Conferencing, Networking, Publishing – Tao Tao Liu
* The Dangers of Taking Responsibility and Acting on One’s Conscience in 21st Century China: A Review Essay of Xu Zhiyong’s To Build a Free China: A Citizen’s Journey – Gerda Wielander

Book Review:
* Howard Y.F. Choy, Discourses of Disease: Writing Illness, the Mind and the Body in Modern China (Sarah Dauncey)