Foreign Ministry Archives open again?

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I just learned from a colleague who was informed by a China-based graduate student that the Foreign Ministry Archives have been reopend. Can anyone confirm this? If true, any information on actual scope of access, etc?

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I haven't tried to go myself, but I received a report from a friend in January 2017 claiming it was open.

The gist of the report is that the Chinese Foreign Ministry Archive re-opened on December 1, 2016. However, only the fonds of two Foreign Ministry departments are apparently available: the protocol department (117) and the international organizations division (113). Other fonds are still undergoing review. In addition, the archive is not providing any printing services.

Other tidbits: you have to have a letter of introduction, which will get you into the archive for a period of three months. Foreign scholars are still welcome.

My friend was not the direct source of this info. He learned this from someone else via WeChat. I thought about just pasting the 1,000 character report I received here, but I'm not sure how the author of the report would feel about that. If you would like to see it, please get in touch with me directly.

Take this for what it's worth since I can't confirm any of the information directly.

Chuck Kraus