Rural art during the Cultural Revolution

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Dear colleagues, 

I am starting a project on socially-engaged art in the countryside and I am doing some background historical research. I was wondering if any of you had experience doing research in local archives on rural art during the Cultural Revolution. I would like to know what to expect before going back to China in the summer. Also, do you have any suggestion for secondary literature (in Chinese or English) on the topic? 

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Zhou Yanhua


The book I have on my shelf is Richard King, Art in Turmoil: The Chinese Cultural Revolution. FYI, I did not work in archives but interviewed artists and produced a documentary titled "From the Masses to the Masses: an Artist in Mao's China."
Cheers, Eric

Hello Eric,

Thank you for the recommended book and also the link you forwarded to me. I am wondering if you could let me know how I could access to the full text of the book "From the Masses to the Masses: an Artist in Mao's China."

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I found this booklet quite interesting:
Hebei renmin chubanshe (河北人民出版社) (eds), Nongcun meishu shouce [农村美术手册, Handbook for art in rural villages] (Shijiazhuang: Hebei renmin chubanshe, 1975)
It has theory and examples, both for images, slogans and calligraphy that can be used
stefan landsberger

"From the Masses to the Masses is a documentary film. YOu can purchase it for personal use for $14.95 or watch it via Vimeo for $1.99. Cheers, Eric