Event at Boston College March 15: Traversing and Transgressing Politics in Modern China

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Dear Friends and Colleagues,
 For those of you in the general Boston area, an event is being held this Thursday evening at Boston College that would be of great interest to the subscribers of H-PRC. Four excellent speakers will address different facets of politics and social life in the Maoist period followed by a Q & A. All of the details are below. The event is free and open to the public. Contact pieragas@bc.edu with any questions.
Traversing and Transgressing Politics in Modern China
Thursday, March 15 4:30-6:30
Boston College, Devlin Hall 101
List of speakers and topics to be discussed:

Denise Ho, Yale University
“Traversing Memory and Transgressing History: The Case of Sichuan’s Rent Collection Courtyard”

Philip Thai, Northeastern University
“Capitalist Goods in Communist China: Coastal Smuggling in the Early People’s Republic”

Lex Lu, Clark University
“From C List Actress to Red Queen: Jiang Qing's Physical Metamorphosis, 1930s-1970s”

Yidi Wu, Saint Mary’s College
“From Shame to Pride: Changing Perceptions and Identity Formation of 'Rightists’”

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