Seeking Panelists for the AHA Annual Meeting - Ethnic Minorities in the PRC

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Note: This was originally posted on H-Asia but I'm reposting here as it might be of interest to H-PRC members.


Seeking panelists for the AHA Annual Meeting - Ethnic Minorities in the PRC

by Dongjo Shin

I am currently organizing a panel proposal for the AHA Annual Meeting in Chicago (Jan. 3 - 9, 2019).

The proposed panel will focus on the PRC period when the CCP "integrated" all the nationalities living on the terrain of the new China. We are particularly interested in exploring how ethnic minority groups came to terms with the CCP, what strategies they drew up in order to maintain their autonomy, and ultimately what results they ended up with, going through radical policies. 

My paper will address how the CCP justified its assimilation policies in terms of ethnic Korean language life and how the Koreans responded to them. Dr. Wallenbock, one of the panelists, will address the relations between the CCP and the Mongols of Henan. 

Scholars who could present their research on other ethnic minority groups are encouraged to apply.

If interested, please contact me (Dong Jo Shin) directly at: