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Hi everybody, 

I am writing with a somewhat unusual question. I'm finishing up a book [to be published with Duke UP soon], focused on the history of the Committee of Concerned Asian Scholars.  I would really like to include a few specific pictures. One is the famous pic of Susan Shirk shaking Zhou Enlai's hand during the first CCAS trip to China in 1971. I can find low-resolution versions, but I need a high-res one. I have asked a several people, but no one seems to have a hi-res version. If any of you know where I can find one, or whom I could ask, I would be very grateful for the info.

Also, there was a CCAS "Mao button" that was made for the 1971 trip. I have only seen as part of Stephen Feuchtwang's collection but I would love to have a high-res photo of it. Again, if any of you can offer clues...

And in general, if any of you have or know of pictures related to that history, I would again be grateful!

Many thanks in advance,

Fabio Lanza



Fabio, while this does not have any photos, I just wanted to point to an M.A. thesis in Political Science on CCAS that was done by a former student of mine at the University of Melbourne in 1987. Ms. Choy Cheung Ching began the work with me while I was a Visiting Lecturer there and completed the project under Arthur Huck and Leslie Holmes. The title is: Shadows and Substance: The Formation of a Radical Perspective in American China Studies, 1968-1979". The work includes results from a series of questionnaires Ms. Choy sent to early members of CCAS. Currently, Ms. Choy is the Senior Archivist for the Legislative Council in Hong Kong.

Dear Joseph,
yes, I have read Choy Cheung Ching's wonderful thesis. I was hoping she would go on to do more work on that but I am glad she is doing well in HK.

Thank you!


A CCAS Mao button was on view at a small exhibition of Cult Rev and other memorabilia at LSE last month. Suggest you contact S Feuchtwang and/or Prof William Callahan who should be able to help.

Best wishes,

Michael Rank

Dear Michael,

Thank you! I wrote to Bill Callahan and he was kind enough to provide a pic of the badge.
I really appreciate the help.