In search of infrared or ultraviolet enlightenment

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Does one of you happen know when, give or take a year, the PRC first managed to manufacture infrared and/or ultraviolet lights (lightbulbs) domestically? If you do know, do you also happen to know which factory made such lights? And from which country, prior to developing its own production capacity, would the PRC have imported infrared/ultraviolet lights? East Germany?




The first I could find for infrared light bulbs was the 上海灯泡厂 (now 上海亚明灯泡厂有限公司) in 1952. Not sure about production capacity and imports. My guess would be that production capacity was diffused to places which built up light bulb factories in the 1950s (Beijing, Wuhan, Guangzhou, and Tianjin)  and even more in the late 60s- early 70s with the Third Front.