STIs and fertility in the 1950s-60s

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Dear colleagues, 

One again I rely on the collective brain of H-PRC.

Does any of you know of specific works (or data collections) that deal with Sexual Transmitted Infections and/or women's fertility rates in the 1950s and 1960s? I am particularly interested in the Great Leap Forward period. 

This is probably pie in the sky...

Thank you!



Hello Fabio,

I'm not sure if this is exactly what you're looking for, but I was just going through documents related to Yunnan and Guangxi from the GLF period in the CUHK/Song Yongyi GLF Database and found a good number of documents (10 or so) on the 肿病 problems in 1958-1960. These articles talked a good deal about women's health, miscarriages due to starvation/malnutrition, etc. Also, if you're interested in local-level data, most of the local gazetteers for Guangxi have been digitized and uploaded ( and might have relevant information in the 人口 and 卫生 sections.

Hope this helps,
Steve Pieragastini

Dear Fabio Lanza,

You may look up either provincial, prefectural and county health gazetteers (卫生志) or hygiene and epidemic prevention gazetteers (卫生防疫志). Usually there are two chapters concerning maternity and child health, and disease prevention, where you may find STD and fertility rates during the Great Leap Forward.

All the best,

Fang Xiaoping
Nanyang Technological University