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Member Book, Yi Wu, Negotiating Rural Land Ownership in Southwest China: State, Village, Family

Dear colleagues,

With apologies for cross-posting, I am pleased to announce the recent publication of my book 

 Yi Wu, Negotiating Rural Land Ownership in Southwest China: State, Village, Family (A Study of the Weatherhead East Asian Institute, Columbia University).  University of Hawaii Press, 2016, 304 pages, ISBN: 978-0824846770.

Re: Everyday life in Maoist China

From anthropology, a lot of notable work during this period: historical and ethnographic

1. David Bray 2005 Social Space and Urban governance in Urban China from origins to reform (the urban planning in socialist china)

2. Walder, Andrew 1988 Communist Neotraditionalism: Work and Authority in Chinese Industry

3. Yunxiang Yan 2003 Private Life Under Socialism

4. Parrish and Whyte 1985 Urban life in contemporary China

5. Parrish and Whyte 1980 Village and Family in contemporary China

Re: Everyday life in Maoist China

Hi Macabe,

Good to hear from you! There are a good number of older works dealing with this topic, including plenty of memoirs, but depending on the scope and level of your colleague's course, I would recommend 3 recent works:

1) "Maoism at the Grassroots," an edited collection with a good range of essays from scholars based in N. America, Europe, and China

Re: Searching for morning hunters and after-dinner critics in Mao-era sources

Thank you all for this. And thanks for correcting me on Meisner vs. Terrill. That was careless of me! But I'm glad... because the two lines were really so close that it would have been odd for Meisner to echo so closely without citation.

Well, it's sad to kiss this one goodbye. I really liked that little "fact." And if anyone ends up finding anything to shore it up after all, I'll be glad to welcome it back. (But I think Michael's right to doubt it.)

Everyday life in Maoist China

Dear colleagues,

My colleague is creating a course on everyday life under totalitarlian/authoritarian regimes and is looking for suggestions on Maoist China - either about ordinary peoples’ experiences or on things like the cult of personality, etc. A point of comparison in the Soviet context would be Sheila Fitzpatrick’s Everyday Stalinism.


Macabe Keliher
Assistant Professor
Department of History
West Virginia University

Grants in Modern Chinese History and Chinese Archaeology from the Esherick-Ye Family Foundation

The Esherick-Ye Family Foundation is pleased to announce its inaugural competition for small grants of up to $5,000 to support projects in modern Chinese economic, social, and political history; or Chinese archaeology.

Grants will support travel to China for research or field work.   Grants are available for graduate students and untenured faculty for projects on modern Chinese history and for undergraduate and graduate students as well as untenured faculty in archaeology.

New issue of 《昨天》

The latest issue of《昨天》[Yesterday], no. 77, contains a wonderful personal retrospective - by 何蜀 He Shu, the editor - on twenty plus years spent researching, writing and publishing articles and books about the history of the Cultural Revolution in the PRC. For H-PRC members interested in the evolution of the scholarly field of independent CR studies inside China, it is most definitely a "must read"! See pp.

Re: Searching for morning hunters and after-dinner critics in Mao-era sources

As mentioned earlier, the Terrill books has a Meisner text, but also:
the Duke book in n.25 on p.237 refers to Marx and Meisner: Mao's China,
1977 (2 years before Terrill was published) p.234. On this page we find:
"nothing was more frequently quoted ...
So, it seems M.M. started this.


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