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Document of the Month: A PRC History Series by Michael Schoenhals

“What is a document?” If we ask Google, we discover that this question has been asked some 1.24 million times in German already. In English, there are already in excess of 153 million texts “out there” that might provide an answer, given that they contain the phrase “A document is…”. When I checked, I found to my surprise that one relevant internet text that does not is the U.S.

Introducing H-PRC!

H-PRC Announcements

The PRC History Group is in the initial stages of launching H-PRC, a new network for scholars with interests in the history of the People's Republic of China.

In addition to fostering scholarly exchange through discussion posts, H-PRC will publish reviews, roundtables, reports from workshops/working groups, primary documents, research guides, and other resources for PRC historians.


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