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Use of the term "SOE"

I am writing an essay on the urban commune movement in Beijing and I am finding it difficult to distinguish, in writing, between large factories (state or collectively owned) and the small (female-staffed) factories created during the movement.
For the sake of brevity and clarity, I am tempted to use the term SOE (State Owned Enterprise) for the former, but I am aware that it came into currency in the reform era, so it might be misleading and anachronistic. I would obviously add a footnote on the usage.

Any thoughts or suggestions? 


Re: A New 'Document of the Month' (November 2016)

For those interested in foreigners at Fudan etc after CR:
Abenteuer China
DAAD-Alumni aus vier Jahrzehnten erinnern sich ; ein Lesebuch
Birk, Klaus [Red.]
Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst

For those interested in foreigners at Fudan etc before CR:
Communist China in retrospect
East European sinologists remember the first fifteen years of the PRC
Marie-Luise Näth (Hrsg.)

T. Kampen

A New 'Document of the Month' (November 2016)

The PRC History Group presents the latest installment in the Document of the Month series, curated by Michael Schoenhals.  View the entire series at

When physical labor was still on the curriculum

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New issues of Yesterday

The two latest issues of Yesterday are now available at

H-PRC members might be especially interested in issue #79, which includes a 20-page list of names (with short biographical sketches) of people in the Chinese film industry who died in the course of the Cultural Revolution (including actors, directors, script writers, translators, photographers, etc.).



Re: Delia Davin (June 9, 1944-October 13, 2016): An Appreciation

Remembering Delia

There is another compelling memorial to Delia by John Gittings in The Guardian.

Here's another brief recollection.

Delia arrived in Tokyo from China perhaps en route back to England for a brief

research visit, perhaps in 1973. She also threw herself into the work of Beheiren (Japan Peace for

Vietnam Committee) and its international affiliate (Gaijin Beheiren) participating, and Lucy

Delia Davin (June 9, 1944-October 13, 2016): An Appreciation

           Delia Davin, a scholar who helped bring questions of gender to the center of China Studies, has died at home in Leeds, England after a long illness. She was Emeritus Professor of Chinese Studies in the School of Languages, Cultures and Societies at the University of Leeds.


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