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Re: What foreigners visiting Mao's China said and heard

Thanks to Mindy for the link!

I am sure most of you know this documentary already but, to add to what Mindy wrote, I too use it in my Modern East Asia course and it usually sparks an interesting discussion among the students. The documentary touches not only on issues of "propaganda," "false consciousness," patriotism and thought reform but also, directly and indirectly, on racism in the US, justice, just war, etc. And it stretches to the period of the Cultural Revolution (and for one of the prisoners, beyond that). 

Re: What foreigners visiting Mao's China said and heard

For those who haven’t seen it (or who want to see it again) --- Wang Shuibo’s documentary, They Chose China, is available online through the National Film Board of Canada website.  (It’s free to watch the streaming version of the film, and they charge a nominal fee for downloads.)

The film is here:

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Although I would consider myself a historian of the United States, my research is primarily focused on foreign relations and expatriates (especially in relation to China). My current research project (which I intend to expand into a dissertation) is on American expatriates in the People's Republic of China from 1949 until 1972 and conceptions of citizenship.

I will be entering the History PhD program at Boston University in the fall.

A. William Bell

Re: SUBSCRIBER SELF-INTRODUCTIONS (your responses requested)



I'm Daniel Leese, historian and sinologist working at the University of Freiburg in Germany. My research interests cover Qing history to the present, with a strong focus on PRC history. I have previously published "Mao cult: Rhetoric in Ritual in China's Cultural Revolution" (Cambridge UP) and edited a reference work, which some of you might know (Brill's Encyclopedia of China, Leiden 2009).

Re: What foreigners visiting Mao's China said and heard

This is a wonderful topic. Thank you for the resources listed.
Apologies for the shameless institutional self-promotion, but our series Assignment:China focuses on the work of journalists for American news organizations and is obviously related to the matter of "what foreigners said about China." The series begins with the KMT/CCP civil war and will eventually run to the 21st century. We've thus far screened

Civil War (late 1940s)
China Watching (1950s-60s)
The Week that Changed the World (ping pong diplomacy & the Nixon visit)


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