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Re: More on foreigners in China: Who were these individuals?

A link to a PDF list of what’s in the early 1970s NCNA bulletin External Propaganda Reference Materials, mentioned in the first discussion post above, can now be found here:  A big thank you to Graham Earnshaw, Nancy Hearst, Thomas Kampen, Fabio Lanza, Michael Rank, and Sigrid Schmalzer for helping me identify (all but one of) the foreigners whose names appeared only in hanzi transliteration.

Graduate methods class in PRC History (call for crowd sourcing)

Hello All,

I would like to develop and teach a graduate methods course in PRC History. By way of making this really happen, I have officially added it the course schedule for Fall 2014. Now I turn to you for help.

My hope is to create a course that is useful to students working on a broad range of topics using a broad range of approaches. I imagine the class should cover such things as:

Re: A New 'Document of the Month' from Michael Schoenhals (April 2014)

Thank you for that wonderful collection, Daniel.

The ingenuity with which the class enemy sought to spread his subversive messages is worth noting. Take, for example, the following incident as reported by China’s Central Ministry of Public Security on 25 March 1960:

A New 'Document of the Month' from Michael Schoenhals (April 2014)

The PRC History Group presents the third installment in the Document of the Month series, curated by Michael Schoenhals.  View the entire series at

April 2014

Counter-Revolutionary Cacography: Samples from Shanghai (1972)


(click on the link above to view the full document)

Re: SUBSCRIBER SELF-INTRODUCTIONS (your responses requested)

Hello from sunny Leicester!

I'm a research associate and honorary fellow at the University of Leicester, UK. My doctoral research looked at the collection, interpretation and display of the visual culture of the Cultural Revolution in British museums and a book based on my thesis - Museum Representations of Maoist China - will be published by Ashgate later this year.


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