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Re: More on foreigners in China: Who were these individuals?

I also thought of Mark Selden and today decided it was easiest just to ask... but the answer is not conclusive!

Hi Sigrid,

The name is one of the variants of mine and the subject is not so far from what I do.
Though I don’t recall three pieces on rural mechanization.

Hope you’re well.



Re: SUBSCRIBER SELF-INTRODUCTIONS (your responses requested)

I am emeritus in the History Department at Eastern Connecticut State University, where I taught Chinese, Japanese, and modern world history. I did my graduate work at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, studying with Mauri Meisner and Lin Yü-sheng. My research is in modern Chinese intellectual history, much of my work focusing on the thought of Liang Shuming. I am particularly interested in the imagination of the countryside and its relation with the city, in conceptions of time, and in issues of the moral sources of social solidarity, engaged from a comparative perspective.

Re: SUBSCRIBER SELF-INTRODUCTIONS (your responses requested)

Dear all,

    My name is Cai Chen (陈彩). I am a first-year PhD in Chinese Studies Reseach in Lau China Institute in King's College London. My first supervisor is Dr. Jennifer Altehenger, and Dr. Simon Sleight is my second supervisor.

    My dissertation is about higher educational institutions  in the city of Qingdao(Shandong Province) during the 1960s, which would focus on the connections between the educational system and the political and social system, the local history and the national and transnational history. 

Re: More on foreigners in China: Who were these individuals?

According to Carl Davidson's website, he claims to have traveled to China (and Cuba) with the Guardian. The information can be found be clicking the link "Glory Days."


By the way, thanks for posting this material on here. I also work on Americans in the PRC and I don't believe I know of some the individuals you have listed thus far.


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