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Esherick-Ye Family Foundation Announces 2017 Grant Recipients

The Esherick-Ye Family Foundation is pleased to announce the results of its inaugural competition for small grants of up to $5,000 to support projects in modern Chinese economic, social, and political history or archaeology.

Grants support travel to China for research or field work, and are available for graduate students and junior faculty for projects on modern Chinese history and for undergraduate and graduate students as well as junior faculty in archaeology.

Re: Member publication: Cook, The Cultural Revolution on Trial

Great news, congratulations! I have already ordered one of the copies and waited to read it. This topic is so important, really looking forward to your revisit. Almost any effort is contemporary China to establish a modern legal system can be traced back to this trial. Still remember my supervisor back in Peking Uni Law School to call back his memory on this event, it is the reason for him to pursue a career of law back then.

Re: Hu Xiansu mistakenly identified as Chen Duxiu in photo alongside Hu Shih

Thank you, Jeremy (if I may), for criculating the note. Also thank others for further demonstrating the note's significance. This makes me feel "self-critical" in the other direction. Last April, I published a paper regarding Hu Xiansu and other Chinese biologists working in Nanjing during the Republican period, which used the exact photo. Though having cited the correct information, I have not mentioned the photo's wide-spread misidentification in the paper or elsewhere. Jeremy, you certainly set a good example for me here.

Re: Hu Xiansu mistakenly identified as Chen Duxiu in photo alongside Hu Shih

Thanks, Jeremy, for the initial post, and to Shakhar for the follow-on correction. We just used the Gamble photograph in a poster announcing our spring lectures at the Fairbank Center, mis-identifying it as taken on May 4 1919. We'll be issuing a clarification too now. I just checked the Spence book from which we took the photograph, and the caption there is careful not to make the same mistake. It states words to the effect: a gathering at Tianmen, which was the site of the May 4 1919 protest. best wishes, arunabh

Re: Hu Xiansu mistakenly identified as Chen Duxiu in photo alongside Hu Shih

Jeremy, Thanks for sharing. Your post prompted me to correct an iconic photo of May Fourth (1919), often used on the web, in textbooks, and which I too have often used in teaching. The photo shows protesters at Tiananmen during May Fourth, yet I often wondered why they are wearing jackets in May, and why the trees look barren. The mystery was solved when I accidentally came across information of the photo at the digitized Sidney Gamble archives at Duke, where the date is noted as November 1919. The jackets and trees now make perfect sense. The photo can be seen at:

New Publications in PRC History

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Blackness in Exile:: W.E.B. Du Bois’ Role in the Formation of Representations of Blackness as Conceptualized by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)
Keisha A. Brown PhD
Phylon (1960-)
Vol. 53, No. 2 (Winter 2016), pp. 20-33



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