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Looking for Research on Chinese Perceptions of, and Experience With, National Debt

I am looking for literature focused on China’s relationship with internal and foreign debt throughout its entire history, but primarily as the country began to modernize economically during the 1970s.  Any suggestions of books or articles focused on how debt has been viewed or used in China’s foreign or domestic politics would be greatly welcomed and appreciated. Thank-you.

Re: Amy King on "Hurting the Feelings of the Chinese People"

Thank you for sharing this, Aminda.

The document at the heart of Amy's essay is available, in English translation, at The original citation is Chinese Foreign Ministry Archive, 105-00669-02, 16-22.

Speaking as one of the editors of the blog where Amy's post appears ("Sources and Methods"): we welcome contributions related to PRC history from others in the H-PRC community.



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