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Seeking Panelists for the AHA Annual Meeting - Ethnic Minorities in the PRC

Note: This was originally posted on H-Asia but I'm reposting here as it might be of interest to H-PRC members.


Seeking panelists for the AHA Annual Meeting - Ethnic Minorities in the PRC

by Dongjo Shin

I am currently organizing a panel proposal for the AHA Annual Meeting in Chicago (Jan. 3 - 9, 2019).

Foreign Ministry Archive files and publications on intelligence

Dear colleagues,


I am working on a book project (Habilitation) on Sino-Swiss relations in the Cold War. I am particularly interested in the use of Switzerland as a hub for Chinese business, diplomatic, propaganda, and intelligence networks.  Unfortunately, I began my research after the Foreign Ministry Archive restricted access to its holdings.

Levenson Prize

Congratulations to Sigrid Schmalzer, whose book Red Revolution, Green Revolution: Scientific Farming in Socialist China won the 2018 Joseph Levenson Post-1900 prize at the Association for Asian Studies. Here is the announcement.


Re: In search of infrared or ultraviolet enlightenment


The first I could find for infrared light bulbs was the 上海灯泡厂 (now 上海亚明灯泡厂有限公司) in 1952. Not sure about production capacity and imports. My guess would be that production capacity was diffused to places which built up light bulb factories in the 1950s (Beijing, Wuhan, Guangzhou, and Tianjin)  and even more in the late 60s- early 70s with the Third Front.





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