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New issue of Journal of the British Association for Chinese Studies (JBACS, Vol 7, July 2017)

The new issue of JBACS has articles of interest to PRC historians:

JBACS: Journal of the British Association for Chinese Studies, new issue (Volume 7, July 2017) now out!

Please download here:

Editors: Sarah Dauncey (University of Nottingham) and Gerda Wielander (University of Westminster).

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The Chinese Commons

Dear colleagues,

The new issue of Made in China may be of interest to those on this list who work on the commons or the environment in the broadest acceptation of both terms.

The issue is available for download at:

Previous issues are vailable at:

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New member publication: The Return of the Show Trial: China’s Televised “Confessions”

X-post from H-Asia, June 28, 2017

My new publication on the neo-Stalinist show trials recently revived and deployed in China:

The Return of the Show Trial: China’s Televised “Confessions”
By Magnus Fiskesjö Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus, Volume 15, Issue 13, Number 1. (June 25, 2017).

Michael Rank (1950-2017)

Many visitors to our PR History website have, I know, taken great interest in and followed the link on the “links and resources” page to the many wonderful photographs from China in the 1970s that Michael Rank uploaded a few years ago. Today, sadly, I just wanted you to know that Michael went to see Karl Marx on 20 May, after 5 years of struggle with bile duct cancer.

Gaokao scores post-CR

A colleague (not a China scholar) asked me a question for which I had no answer, so I am passing it on to the H-PRC hive-mind.
He is looking for data on the gaokao scores of students admitted to universities in the post-Mao era (1977 to early 1980s). He has read (or I suggested he should read) the obvious studies in English (Unger, Pepper, etc.) but please, send along suggestions!

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Re: How many consular missions in Mao Zedong's China outside Beijing?

Dear Michael,

I think you might find something in Swedish Foreign Ministry's archives (I think I have seen similar documents in French archives but I don't have the reference). They probably keep informations on foreign consulates in China, in the folders like "Foreign diplomatic missions in China". As Sweden was one of the first western countries present in Beijing after 1949, their information might be very interesting. And I think this approach also corresponds to the theme of the latest PRC history review.

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Re: How many consular missions in Mao Zedong's China outside Beijing?


I am not aware of a single, comprehensive list. I've seen this type of information for specific provinces/municipalities in 外事志 editions of gazetteers. These volumes will often list when the consulate opened, when they closed, who the consul general was, etc.

I am aware of consulates in the following locales: Shanghai, Nanning, Kunming, Shenyang, Urumqi, Kashgar, Tacheng, Altai, and Yining. But I'm sure there are others.


How many consular missions in Mao Zedong's China outside Beijing?

Dear colleagues,

Does anybody out there happen to have a  list of the foreign diplomatic missions that existed outside Beijing in the Mao years, and in which cities they were located? I suspect there would have been small missions representing neighbouring countries (e.g. Nepal, India, Burma, etc.) in places like Lhasa and Kunming, but I do not have much reliable and even less complete information concerning the overall picture for China as a whole. Any and all help will be much appreciated!


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