Posting Guidelines

Submitting Posts

H-German welcomes posts in the following categories:
1. Calls for Papers (CFP)
2. Funding opportunities (FUNDS)
3. Queries (QUERY)
4. General announcements (ANN)
5. Reviews (REV)

Click on the yellow "Start a Discussion" button on H-German's main page to post a new message (you must be logged into your account and subscribed to H-German in order to do so). Post your content. Under "Categories" please label the kind of message you are posting (Call for Papers, Query, Announcement) and for "Tags" please describe the content of your post (ex: "Berlin, Cinema, Werner Herzog"). You can find a list of commonly used Categories and Keywords here.

The principle behind our guidelines is our desire to publish serious announcements that will be of high interest to our subscribers. While the general criteria for posting an announcement at H-Announce ( also apply to us, the additional, more stringent criteria apply to H-German announcements. These criteria are intended as an extension of the principles described in our query policy (see below) and as guidelines for determining what interests our subscribers.

As our query policy notes, we prefer to err on the side of caution.  In order to protect our subscribers from a flood of cross-postings and repeated announcements, we reserve the right to decline to publish announcements that do not correspond with our definition of appropriateness to the list purpose. Disputes will be resolved in consultation with our advisory board and its decisions are final. Publication of an announcement does not constitute editorial endorsement of its content either by the H-German editors individually or as a group, the H-German advisory board, or H-Net.

Our guidelines are as follows:
1. All announcements will be labeled with the prefix ANN: in order to facilitate easy identification. All announcements must include the date, time, and location of the event, sponsoring group or institution and any other information the editors deem relevant to the announcement (such as cost of participation). Announcements judged incomplete will be returned for revision. The H-German editors reserve the right to apply more stringent criteria for announcements from institutions or groups with which they are unfamiliar.

2. H-German publishes two kinds of announcements: individual announcements of events of special interest, and summary announcements harvested from H-Announce that may be of general interest. Events and information relating primarily and specifically to German history in line with the mission statement of our list may receive an individual posting. More general announcements (for instance, on broad thematic topics that may have German applications) should be directed to H-Announce and will be published in our weekly summary announcement.

3. Announcements provided by H-German members will receive priority. Announcements on behalf of third parties submitted by members or non-members may be declined for this reason in line with our query policy. At the same time, the list is intended foremost as an information source and not an opportunity for self-promotion by individual members. Announcements deemed to be self-promoting may be revised or rejected at the editors' discretion.

4. In the case of an individual talk, in order to guarantee the accuracy of the announcement, the announcement must be submitted or endorsed by someone with a sponsoring and verifiable institutional affiliation (USHMM, University, etc.) rather than the speaker.

5. We seek to publish only announcements of national (within any particular country in which we have significant membership) or international interest. Announcements of primarily regional or local interest may be published at the discretion of the editors if they are deemed to be of broad interest; they may be declined at the discretion of the editors if this is not the case.

6. We are pleased to publish CFPs from our subscribers for panels at conferences. CFPs should be written in a way that avoids fishing expeditions to "see who's out there." For a CFP from a single member, the announcer should provide a detailed description of what he or she expects to speak about, what sort of papers are being sought and/or what the subscriber envisions for the panel. CFPs with two or more participants already in place can be less detailed.

7. In general, H-German does not publish job announcements. We recommend that potential advertisers submit job announcements to the job guide.  In unusual circumstances, we may publish a job announcement; however, following H-Net policy, no announcements for jobs in North America will be published unless they have appeared in the job guide first.

8. In line with H-Net policy, we do not publish announcements relating to for-profit services or any information accessible only on a paid basis. Institutions or groups unknown to us who charge conference fees must verify their non-profit status and upon request, provide a detailed explanation of the reasons for the fee charged in their announcement.

9. Due to the subject matter of the list, H-German editors will be particularly vigilant with regard to materials that appear to glorify or support fascism, neo-Nazism, or right/left political extremism. While we encourage the discussion of such topics on a historical basis in line with the mission of the H-German list, we reserve the right to decline to publish materials that we deem to be primarily characterized by such qualities or motivated largely by a political rather than a scholarly agenda.

Query Guidelines

H-German is a scholarly community of over 3,000 members worldwide who bring to this network a range of interests and expectations.  Since we are all busy professionals, the editors try, as a primary goal, to insure each message's utility to the maximum number of members. Conversely, we try to avoid postings that will be of limited interest or which could even bother or alienate subscribers.  Many of our subscribers approve of this editorial function and appreciate receiving less mail from H-German than from other e-mail networks.

For this reason, we would like to re-state our policy on queries:

1. All queries should concern research or teaching problems in German history only.

2. All queries should be sent ONLY AFTER all other easily available sources of information (such as the library reference room) have been exhausted.  In other words, H-German should not be the reference source of first, but of last resort.  Each query, then, should list those sources ALREADY TRIED that have failed to produce the information sought. Among other things, this will save the valuable time of well-meaning subscribers, who will otherwise respond with suggestions one has already considered.  Simple bibliographic queries will not be posted unless it has been shown that other resources have been exhausted.

3. All queries should be as informative as possible.  Provide background information so that H-German members who know little about the topic can still benefit from the discussion.  If, for example, you simply need the address of an institution, try telling the membership exactly what service the institution performs.  If you need bibliographic information, explain the context of the problem for which you need additional reading.  If you need teaching materials, explain the problem that you are trying to deal with in the classroom and the methods which you have tried so far.

4. The longer the query the better; short queries are likely to be returned to their authors for more background information so that the entire network can benefit.  Medieval scholars should be able to read a query about the Nazi era and learn something; so should social historians be able to learn from queries by military historians.

5. Queries will be posted as soon as practical, depending upon the current traffic on H-German.  In a particularly busy period, some queries that meet these guidelines may have to wait several days before being posted.

6. New subscribers to H-German must wait at least one month before posting a query, so that they may become accustomed to how H-German deals with queries and other matters.  No query will be posted for the benefit of non-subscribers.

7. Your suggestions for further revisions of this policy are welcome.

If you would still like to post a query, please make sure your post begins "QUERY:" (as in "QUERY: Seeking Information on Max Klinger's Diaries").


Review Guidelines

We only commission reviews from members of H-German. We aim to publish two reviews per week, excepting the announced summer and winter hiatuses, usually of 2-3 weeks each. This schedule allows for maintenance and administrative work behind the scenes and guarantees the greatest possible attention to each review as it appears. In order to sustain variety in the material reviewed, we commission enough reviews to generate a small backlog that permits us to take time to edit submissions carefully. All of the editors are faculty members who volunteer their time in addition to their pedagogical and research responsibilities. Some aspects of the process (ordering and mailing books, copyediting reviews for style and archiving) are conducted by paid graduate student workers who are pursuing their own educations and for whose activities funds are limited. If you would like us to expand the scope of our activities, the best way to help us do so is to donate generously to H-Net. 

Although many of our book reviews focus on the twentieth century and the Third Reich, we do make a substantial effort to commission reviews of items on periods before the Wilhelmine Empire. It is still fair to say that the bulk of items reviewed on H-German concern the period after 1871. The major reason for this state of affairs is that this is the period on which the majority of books are published and on which the majority of our members are working. We do try to commission reviews of multiple items in order to compress the coverage of over-exposed topics, however, and we are certainly open to placing more "pre-modern" items for review! The best way to increase the number of reviews in your subject area is to notify us of your availability as a reviewer and to encourage colleagues in your subject area to join H-German and review for us as well.