Scholars Abroad Network


H-German is pleased to announce our new Scholars Abroad Network, which aims to facilitate contacts between members working in Europe. Click here to access the Network.

For German Studies scholars based at non-German institutions, research trips abroad often come with countless missed networking opportunities. Though scores of scholars often conduct research in the same cities and archives at the same times, no central list or platform has existed to make such scholars aware of one another.

The Scholars Abroad Network offers such a platform for all German Studies scholars, whether in Germany for short trips, year-long research projects, or conference presentations/guest lectures. The Network further includes a forum for German Studies scholars permanently in residence in Germany who wish to keep abreast of visiting scholars.

How it Works

Rather than asking our members to keep track of an entirely new platform, the Network is accessed via your Facebook account and is based on a series of regulated Facebook groups. These groups, based on different localities/regions, can be accessed via the map or list below. Click on the local networking group(s) in question to access the group page and click on “join group” in order to submit a request to join.

Once your request to join is approved (normally within 24 hours), feel free to post on the main wall the following information in one post: 1. Institutional Affiliation,2. Time of stay, 3. Places/repositories where you will be researching, 4. Topic of your research.

Through both the wall and the members link on the group page, you will be able to see the entire list of others who are researching or will soon be researching in the same area. Through the event function, users can, within minutes, invite all those in the group to attend a lecture, conference, or other relevant event which they may be hosting. Being a member of the group also allows you to receive such invitations. Once you have finished your research abroad or have moved on to a different locality, click on the gear button on the group page and click on “Leave Group.”

Privacy Settings: The privacy setting of all groups are placed on "closed." This means that postings within the group can only be seen by other members in the group. Before adding users, we will verify that they are H-German subscribers to ensure that users are legitimate.



  1. Berlin

  2. Bremen

  3. Cologne/Bonn

  4. Dresden

  5. Düsseldorf/Ruhrpott

  6. Frankfurt/Mainz/Wiesbaden

  7. Freiburg im Breisgau

  8. Göttingen/Kassel

  9. Hamburg/Schleswig-Holstein

  10. Hannover

  11. Koblenz

  12. Konstanz

  13. Leipzig

  14. Mannheim/Heidelberg/Karlsruhe

  15. Marbach

  16. Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

  17. Munich/Augsburg

  18. Nürnberg/Franken

  19. Regensburg

  20. Saarland/Pfalz/Trier

  21. Sachsen-Anhalt

  22. Stuttgart/Tübingen

  23. Thüringen

  24. Westfalen (Münster, Osnabrück, Bielefeld)

  25. Switzerland

  26. Vienna


Click here to access the Scholars Abroad Network. For questions, please contact: