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ANN: H-German Forum -- First World War (December 2014)

Recent years have witnessed a flowering of historical scholarship on the origins of the First World War, harnessing new source materials, approaches to international history, and reflecting the rising influence of transnational methodologies. However, as we commemorate the centenary of the war's outbreak, academic consensus concerning the conflict's causes remains elusive. This forum has brought together four leading experts on this topic to take stock of recent historiographical developments and to offer us their thoughts on fruitful avenues for future research.

CFP: Migration Network of the Social Science History Association (February 2015)

40th Annual Meeting of the Social Science History Association (SSHA)

Date and Location: Baltimore, MD, November 12-15, 2015

Conference Theme: "Pluralism and Community: Social Science History Perspectives"

Submission Deadline: February 14th, 2015

ANN: New Books in German History Reminder (January 2015)

On January 1, 2015, we will publish our next bulletin on new books in German History and German Studies. If you would like to announce the  publication of your book, please submit the following information to kira.thurman(at)h-german.org by December 31, 2014: the author's name, the title of the book, the press, the  month it appeared in print, and a link to the publisher/book's site optional).


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