CFP: Teaching with Media and Material Culture - Extended Deadline February 7 2020 (German Studies Association, Washington DC, October 2020)

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Roundtable: Teaching with Media and Material Culture (sponsored by the Interdisciplinary Teaching Network of the German Studies Association)



Rachael Huener, Macalester College

Kristopher Imbrigotta, University of Puget Sound


In spite of the ever-increasing digitalization of information and communication, many German Studies practitioners purposefully teach with a variety of media and material culture that may or may not conform to digital delivery. We employ narrative texts (film and literature), representations like maps, and objects in use such as currency or clothing. Integrating such sources into our course curricula provides “authentic” and “imminent” resources to learners of German history, language, culture, etc. but it can also significantly expand students’ critical skills by training them in additional, specific literacies and modes of interrogation. How can we take our texts, films, and Realia beyond the function of illustration and integrate them more substantively into our courses as objects of study? In the spirit of practice, we are interested in discussing both what worked well and what proved to fall short in the classroom. This roundtable welcomes brief theoretical reflections or presentations of concrete examples of the integration of various media and material culture objects into German Studies curricula.


Format and Goals

Each participant will give a short 5-7 minute presentation on their experiences and practices. This will leave ample time for discussion during the remainder of the two-hour session. Participants are encouraged to point to and/or bring concrete examples to share. One goal of this session is to create a working and user-friendly database of materials to share and expand.


Please send by 7 February 2020 a 250-word abstract and brief bio to Rachael Huener, Macalester College ( and Kristopher Imbrigotta, University of Puget Sound ( All participants must be registered GSA members before 15 February 2020.