CFP: Workshop: A New International Order: Fascism(s) across the Atlantic. International Conference of the Association for Contemporary History (Cordoba, 2020)

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Workshop: A New International Order: Fascism(s) across the Atlantic

XV Congreso de la Asociación de Historia Contemporánea. La Historia habitada. Sujetos, procesos y retos de la Historia Contemporánea del siglo XXI, 17-19 September 2020, Cordoba, España

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the workshop “A New International Order: Fascism(s) across the Atlantic”, which will be coordinated by Mercedes Peñalba-Sotorrío and myself, Gabriela de Lima Grecco.

The history of fascism has all too often ignored the political projects that were developed on the other side of the Atlantic, where, at the same time, the historiography rarely pays attention to shared elements and characteristics shared by fascist European and authoritarian Latin American movements and vice versa. It is unsurprising that a necessary emphasis on the study of national characteristics and the nationalist character of these movements has led to dismiss, all too often, fascism’s strength as a mobilizing international political force, as demonstrated by Benjamin Martin. In this vein, the present workshop aims to focus on the analysis not just of the international relations among these regimes, their foreign policy, cultural diplomacy, ideological transference among them and the establishment of international networks among them, but also their participation in international conferences organized with the aim to establish fascism and authoritarianism as new political paradigms of their time. This analysis becomes even more interesting given that the study of so called “peripheral” fascisms can shed light on the general study of fascism, by identifying key processes and connections, as well as similarities and differences among them.

In this sense, we invite papers from different disciplines, make use of innovative methodologies and look further than the national borders of fascism and authoritarianism, focusing on the transference of ideas, international contacts, and the construction of the New Order. We particularly welcome papers that, using a transnational, global or comparative approach, focus on:

• International relations among fascist and authoritarian regimes

• New Order Diplomacy

• Thoughts and ideas of the New Order

• Cultural and ideological transference of ideas

• Female and/or youth fascist organizations in comparative or transnational perspective

• The issue of race in European and/or Latin American fascisms

We invite you to present a paper focused on these and related themes, by following the instructions set by the Conference organizers:

• Send a paper title and a 500-word abstract, as well as a 200-word CV.

• Deadline: 22 JANUARY 2020

• Send your proposal through the official Conference website:

The acceptance of proposals as well as the organization of the conference will be dealt with through that page, as well as the payment of conference fees and registration when the time comes (remember it is mandatory to be registered in order to participate in the conference).

Participants must register first and then access the papers section, where they will find a tutorial on how the process of proposal and acceptance of papers works. If you have any problems or questions related to this, please send an email to the conference organizers as detailed on the webpage. We would appreciate it if, after submitting your proposal through the website, you could send a copy to both workshop’s coordinators:

Drª Mercedes Peñalba -Sotorrío, Manchester Metropolitan University,


Drª Gabriela de Lima Grecco, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid,