CFP: Alien Approaches: Literary and Visual Representations of Foreign Cities, CLA 2015 Seminar (October 2015)

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"Alien Approaches: Literary and Visual Representations of Foreign Cities"

Colombian author Santiago Gamboa’s last novels are set in major cities such as Jerusalem, Bangkok and Madrid. Internationally acclaimed directors Wong Kar-wai and Wim Wenders have produced films that take place in Buenos Aires and Havana. Unlike local artists, foreigners have the freedom of not having to deal with familiarity. By depicting cities as visitors, they create an aesthetics of the foreign. Moreover, they confirm that as Borges once proposed, we perceive ourselves best when we are outside our own culture. What methods do authors and film directors like them employ for works set in cities abroad? What motivates them to embark on such projects? Are their productions homages to these cities? Do they dialogue with historical archives and/or fall into reinforcing clichés of these geographical areas? How do audiences around the world receive their work? We invite proposals on films and literary works that take an alien approach to any city. Please send a 250-word proposal by October 14, 2014, through the following link: 

If you have any questions, please email Ulrich E. Bach (ub10(at) or Paula C. Park (parkp(at)