QUERY: Murder in Postwar Hamburg

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I have just finished Cay Rademacher's _Der Trümmermörder_, and see that the novel is loosely based on a series of unsolved murders in Hamburg in 1947.  Although there is an extended social historical literature on crime and society in Berlin, I could not find any comparable work on Hamburg, certainly not in the postwar period. I think that a study like Benjamin Hett's _Death in the Tiergarten_ might cast some interesting light on Hamburg at this moment.  Does anybody have any suggestions on literature about Hamburg under British occupation?  Before I start on this, too, I wanted to know if anybody else is working on it, in which case, I won't.  Also, I am having a difficult time negotiating the archival resources. I have contacted Mr. Rademacher, who has indicated that records are slim, and am contacting the police museum, police academy, and state archives with an inquiry and will also make inquiries at the PRO.  Is there anything obvious that I'm missing? Has anybody used archival resources that might be appropriate for such a project or knows of good work (social history, labor history) on Hamburg before currency reform?

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Rich Bodek (bodekr@cofc.edu)