Masters Programme in Holocaust: History, Experience, Heritage, University of Southampton, UK

Neil Gregor Discussion

The Parkes Institute for the Study of Jewish/non-Jewish Relations at the University of Southampton is pleased to announce the establishment of a new MA programme in Holocaust Studies.  It seeks to explore the Holocaust as a historical event and as 'negative heritage' from 1945 to the present. It seeks to build a foundation for postgraduate research in a variety of Holocaust Studies fields, while equipping students with the means to pursue careers in areas such as Holocaust education, outreach, heritage curation, public history and commemoration.   

Key features:

Core and Optional Modules on Jewish history and culture, antisemitism, the Holocaust, aftermaths, postwar representations and memory.

Access to, and working with, the University of Southampton’s unique archive and library holdings in Jewish modern history under the guidance of specialist archivists and librarians.

Field trip to a European city including a visit to a Holocaust heritage institution or museum.

Development of the subject skills to undertake and write up original historical research, particularly as preparation for doctoral study. 

Option to broaden research skills further by taking one or two optional modules outside of History, which could include a foreign language.

Participation in practical workshops on the curation of Holocaust objects delivered in collaboration with external partners (museums, libraries, and/or other heritage and pedagogical institutions).

For further details:

Holocaust: History Experience Heritage | MA | University of Southampton