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Ancient History, Early Modern History and Period Studies, Medieval and Byzantine History / Studies, Modern European History / Studies, Religious Studies and Theology

Please submit to the Catholic Historical Review!

The Catholic Historical Review is the official organ of  the American Catholic Historical Association. Since its  establishment in 1915, this quarterly publication continues  to be the premier scholarly journal for the history of the  Catholic Church in the English-speaking world. 

All articles are peer-reviewed in a double-blind evaluation. 

Publishing names like... 

Paul F. Grendler, Avril Cameron, James Carroll, Árpád von KlimÓ,  AsunciÓn Lavrin, Hugh McLeod, and Salvatory S. Nyanto. 

Recent Articles Include

• “Inside and Out: The Sisters of St. Joseph, Chief Pasqual, and the Education of Native Children in Yuma” by John Nathan Mack 

• “Women and the Economic Administration in the Franciscan Missions of Valdivia, Chile: The Syndic Clara de Eslava y Lope” by Cristián Leal Pino and David Rex Galindo 

• “Bishops in France, Pope Pius XII, and the Rescue of Jews, 1940–1944” by Limore Yagil 

Submissions accepted all year round 

Send your article to Nelson H. Minnich at The Catholic  University of America at 

Electronic manuscripts must be sent as a Microsoft Word  document 


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Please contact the editor of the Catholic Historical Review, Nelson T. Minnich:

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