TOC (Journal): New German Critique 50.1 (no. 148)

Brad Prager Discussion


New German Critique 

Volume 50, Number 1 (148)

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Engels after Frankfurt: Nature and Enlightenment in Critical Theory          

Matt Shafer

doi: 10.1215/0094033X-10140705


Adorno’s Cosmopolitan Solidarity     

Caleb J. Basnett

doi: 10.1215/0094033X-10140719


Continuity as Catastrophe: Origins of a Thesis in Walter Benjamin

Tom Vandeputte

doi: 10.1215/0094033X-10140733


The Inversions of Walter Benjamin’s Anarchism      

Brian Britt

doi: 10.1215/0094033X-10140747


Outline of the Psychophysical Educational Problem in the Work of Walter Benjamin        

Tyson E. Lewis

doi: 10.1215/0094033X-10140762


A Sympathy with Death: Weimar Politics from Heidegger to Mann

John Hoffmeyer

doi: 10.1215/0094033X-10140777


Revolt against Time: Jean Améry on the Constitution of the Self     

Yaniv Feller

doi: 10.1215/0094033X-10140791


“My Program Is Still Broader Than the Sea”: Gershom Scholem’s Letters to Abraham Joshua Heschel, 1940–1953         

Emanuel Fiano and Samuel J. Kessler

doi: 10.1215/0094033X-10140806