CFP (Conference): GSA 2023 Seminar in Montreal, Canada -- Contemporary Issues in German Theatre

Misha Hadar Discussion

Invitation to apply to participate in a seminar on "Contemporary Issues in German Theatre: Diversity, Identity, Contestation" that will take place in the upcoming GSA. Please follow instructions on the GSA conference seminar page to apply.

The purpose of this seminar is to gather scholars interested in discussing new trends in German theater, which is the topic for an upcoming special issue of Seminar: A Journal of Germanic Studies titled “German Theatre - Diversity, Identity, Contestation.” The GSA seminar will focus on how German identities and histories are being reinterpreted and contested to reflect demographic changes in German society. How are contemporary sensibilities regarding the diversification of representation, as seen in the so-called postmigrant theatre and in decolonial aesthetics, reshaping German theatre? How are issues of social justice transforming the current German theatre discourse? Current challenges and controversies, demands for inclusion and critique of “identity politics” and so-called “virtue signaling” will be the focus of the discussion. We will also historicize these questions, exploring the discursive fields in which they emerge. We welcome those interested in these questions, as well as contributors to the special issue.

Each participant will share a 2-3 page description of current work related to this topic prior to the GSA. Conveners will group thematically related papers for each of the days to serve as a baseline around which to facilitate discussion.