CFA: Berlin Seminar on German Literary Institutions, Summer 2023 (Deadline 15 January 2023)

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Applications are now being accepted for the Berlin Seminar on German Literary Institutions. Review of applications will begin January 15, 2023.

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German Literary Institutions: The Berlin Seminar (GLIB) is open to faculty and advanced graduate students in German studies and related fields. The seminar brings together scholars of German literary and cultural studies with experts and leading figures of Germany’s literary scene. Fellows have the opportunity to engage personally with, and learn first-hand from, representatives from different areas of Germany’s vibrant literary field: distinguished authors, literary agents, successful publishers and booksellers, top literary and theater critics working for print or on-line publications and public radio, directors of Germany’s literary archives, practicing translators and others involved in the production, dissemination, and reception of literature in Germany.

Attending the Berlin Seminar on German Literary Institutions provides participants with a comprehensive and uniquely valuable body of knowledge. The close-knit community that develops in the course of the seminar and its unique format, the collective inquiry into the German literary business, further contribute to the experience. In the past, participants have left the seminar with a renewed sense of purpose, underscoring their own role as teachers, public intellectuals, and scholars who collectively research and write about German literature and culture. 

Participants have come from all academic ranks and many different institutions, ranging from small colleges to large state and private universities, including Denison University, Washington University, Duke, Brown, Michigan State, Juniata College, UCLA, UC Irvine, Northern Michigan University, Ohio State, Utah State, Cornell, NC State, Auburn, Clemson, Pomona, Grinnell College, the University of Kansas, Wake Forest, Indiana State, UNC-Greensboro, Bowling Green, Queens College/CUNY, Virginia Tech, University of Illinois, Chicago, Brandeis University, Rutgers University, University of North Texas, University of Richmond, University of Idaho, Swansea University, the University of Limerick, Fudan University and the Universität Duisburg-Essen. 

Please note that the seminar is conducted in German.

GLIB is co-directed by William Collins Donahue (University of Notre Dame) and Martin Kagel (University of Georgia) and sponsored by the Max Kade Foundation and the University of Notre Dame in partnership with the University of Georgia.

Key Seminar Details:

  • Residential seminar – all fellows stay in the same hotel
  • Fees: $2,000 for faculty; $1,250 for graduate students
  • Fee covers lodging and breakfast, several group meals, mass transit passes, theater tickets, and seminar-related cultural events

Participants from institutions also including Davidson, way back when. : )