ANN: Virtual Symposium: A Nazi Killing Center through a Perpetrator's Lens: The Sobibor Perpetrator Collection, March 1

Virtual Symposium: A Nazi Killing Center through a Perpetrator’s Lens: The Sobibor Perpetrator Collection 

March 1, 2023 


Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Bildungswerk Stanisław Hantz

Ludwigsburg Research Center, University of Stuttgart


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Eager to make 2023 the year you see your innovative research published in English with a leading publisher?

Dr. Diethard Sawicki, Senior Acquisitions Editor at Brill Germany and Dr. Martina Kayser, Team Leader of Academic Publishing at Brill Germany, join Avi Staiman, CEO of Academic Language Experts, for an in-depth conversation on how German scholars can strategically and successfully navigate the journey to English publication.

During this conversation, you will gain expert advice on:


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