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CFP: Not Just Bauhaus – Networks of Modernity in Central Europe Discussion Beate Störtkuhl 07/14/2018 - 5:57pm
CFP: Not Just Bauhaus – Networks of Modernity in Central Europe Discussion Beate Störtkuhl 07/14/2018 - 5:57pm
Call for Applications: Lessons and Legacies Munich Discussion Alex Israel 07/12/2018 - 2:35pm
X-Post: Jasiński on Polak-Springer, 'Recovered Territory: A German-Polish Conflict over Land and Culture, 1919-1989' Discussion Chris Fojtik 07/11/2018 - 2:14pm
X-Post: Biskupska on Blobaum, 'A Minor Apocalypse: Warsaw during the First World War' and Kauffman, 'Elusive Alliance: The German Occupation of Poland in World War I' Discussion Chris Fojtik 07/11/2018 - 2:13pm
CFP: Turning a Doctoral Dissertation into a Book Contribution Vikas Lakhani 07/11/2018 - 2:09pm
ANN: Internship Program of the German Historical Institute Washington, DC Discussion Soeren Urbansky 07/11/2018 - 1:49pm
ANN: H-Net Job Guide Weekly Report For H-German: 2 July - 9 July 2018 Discussion Chris Fojtik 07/09/2018 - 2:24pm
QUERY: Emotions in the classroom survey Discussion Erika Quinn 07/09/2018 - 2:19pm
ANN: internship for recent undergrads with the Bundestag - Internationales Parlamentsstipendium (IPS) Discussion Kit Belgum 07/09/2018 - 2:09pm
TOC: German Politics and Society - The 2017 Bundestag Election and its Aftermath (2018) Discussion Young Lee 07/04/2018 - 11:54am
X-Post: Angermeier on Shepherd, 'Hitler's Soldiers: The German Army in the Third Reich' Discussion Chris Fojtik 07/03/2018 - 3:04pm
ANN: New Books in German History and German Studies (July 2018) Discussion Chris Fojtik 07/02/2018 - 12:06pm
ANN: H-Net Job Guide Weekly Report For H-German: 25 June - 2 July 2018 Discussion Chris Fojtik 07/02/2018 - 12:01pm
CFA: USHMM 2019 Summer Research Workshop Program, applications due Oct. 1, 2018 Discussion Krista Hegburg 07/02/2018 - 12:00pm
TOC: Central European History (CEH) 51, no. 2 (June 2018) Discussion Andrew Port 07/02/2018 - 11:59am
CFP: Reminder - 'Monarchy and Modernity, 1500-1945', University of Cambridge, 8-9 January 2019 Discussion Carolina Armenteros 07/02/2018 - 11:58am
CFP for the Panel: European Cultural Heritage, Lucca, Italy, 28 – 30 September 2018 Discussion Dorian Isone 07/02/2018 - 11:57am
CFP: Concurrence and Competition. 13th Conference of the Historians of the Early Modern Period in Germany Discussion Franziska Neumann 06/28/2018 - 1:33pm
CFP: GDR Today IV Discussion Elizabeth Emery 06/27/2018 - 12:13pm
X-Post: Logemann on Simpson, 'Soccer under the Swastika: Stories of Survival and Resistance during the Holocaust' Discussion Chris Fojtik 06/26/2018 - 12:09pm
CFP: The Kindertransport 80 Years On: Critical Approaches to Kindertransport Research and Historiography Discussion Anita Grosz 06/25/2018 - 7:23pm
ANN: Contributors wanted for Modern Germany (under contract to ABC-CLIO) Discussion Wendell Johnson 06/25/2018 - 7:22pm
ANN: H-Net Job Guide Weekly Report For H-German: 18 June - 25 June 2018 Discussion Chris Fojtik 06/25/2018 - 7:19pm
CFP: 26th Int’l Conference of Europeanists, “Sovereignties in Contention: Nations, Regions and Citizens in Europe” – Madrid, June 20-22, 2019 Discussion Tyler Green 06/25/2018 - 7:14pm