Call for Articles

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Call for Submissions
Antisemitism Studies welcomes the submission of manuscripts that contribute to the scholarly study of antisemitism in Canada.

We will consider articles on specific antisemitic episodes, and their historical significance and impact on society, as well as thematic and theoretical studies of the phenomenon. Authors may work from any disciplinary perspective, address any cultural or religious context, and study any period of history, including the present. We are particularly interested in articles that appeal to a broad international audience of scholars in the humanities and social sciences.
Antisemitism Studies is included in Project MUSE's Premium Collection, the foremost database of high quality, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journals designed for institutions acquiring comprehensively in the humanities and social sciences. As a result, our authors have the widest exposure in over 3,000 universities and colleges worldwide.

Antisemitism Studies adheres to a double–blind peer review process in which the identities of the author and reviewers remain confidential. Please note that the formal evaluation process on all submissions takes approximately one to two months, and the period between acceptance of an article and its publication is between six and eight months.

All submissions must adhere to our author guidelines.

Any questions about the journal or its submissions process may be directed to the editor: