TOC - Canadian Jewish Studies / Etudes Juives Canadiennes, Vol. 29

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The editorial team of Canadian Jewish Studies / Etudes Juives Canadienne is pleased to announce the online publication of Volume 29.

Canadian Jewish Studies / Études juives canadiennes is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal devoted to original scholarship that illuminates any and all aspects of the Canadian Jewish experience. Published annually since 1993 and bi-annually since 2019 by the Association for Canadian Jewish Studies / l’Association d’études juives canadiennes (ACJS/Aéjc), the electronic version of journal is free and accessible at Print copies are available to members of the Association, or by special order. 



Becoming Canadian: Folk Literary Innovation in the Memoirs of Yiddish-Speaking Immigrants to Canada / Vardit Lightstone

The Naomi Cook Book: A Narrative of Canadian Jewish Integration / Gesa Trojan

“This Is Who I Would Become”: Russian Jewish Immigrants and Their Encounters with Chabad-Lubavitch in the Greater Toronto Are / Joshua Tapper

The Anti-Israel Movement in Québec in the 1970s: At the Ideological Crossroads of the New Left and Liberation-Nationalism / Daniel Rickenbacher

Cultivating a Jewish Eco- Education Framework: The Toronto Heschel School’s Teaching and Learning Garden / Nadine Ijaz & Paige Mawson


The Archives Matter / A vos archives !

A Mysterious Collection: Musings on Archival Power and Historical Vulnerability / Lianne Koren


Book Reviews / Comptes rendus

Review: Hétu, Jean et Emmanuelle Amar, La faculté de droit de l’Université de Montréal et la communauté juive / Valentina Gaddi

Review: Pomson, Alex and Randy S. Schnoor, Jewish Family: Identity and Self- Formation at Home / Daniel M. Held

Review: Fraser, David. Anti-Shechita Prosecutions in the Anglo-American World, 1855–1913: “A Major Attack on Jewish Freedoms…” / Zev Eleff