Race, Borderlands and Sex work” - Seeking Additional Panellists for the Berkshire Conference on the History of Women, Genders & Sexuality

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Laurie Bertram and I are looking for additional participants for panel we’re looking to pitch to the Berks entitled “Race, Borderlands and Sex Work.” 


Laurie’s paper is entitled “The Other Little House: American sex workers, Canadian brothel patrons, and colonial order in the Western Borderlands, 1871-1892.” It traces the migration of American madams and sex workers into the Canadian Northwest territories between 1871 and 1899. As the American frontier gradually closed, a large network of madams and sex workers sought out new economic opportunities in Canada's "Last Best West." 


My paper, “Revisiting the Oldest Profession in Winnipeg, 1909-1912” speaks to current collaborative efforts (between myself and an innovative team of film and television professionals) to develop an intersectionally-conscious, pro-sex worker, HBO-style television series based on my past (& newly developing) research on transnational prairie sex work. It will speak to the processes, challenges, and opportunities of translating scholarly research to a popular (and hopefully long-term) viewership on screen, and its feminist activist potential. 


If you are carrying out complementary research work and are interested in joining our panel, please contact me ASAP at hintherr@brandonu.ca. The deadline to get our proposal in to the Berks is Sunday, March 17.