Histoire sociale / Social History 51.104 (Novembre / November 2018) maintenant disponible / now available

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Le dernier numéro de la revue Histoire sociale / Social History (51.104) est maintenant disponible en version numérique sur Project Muse et sur notre site web


The latest issue of Histoire sociale / Social History (51.104) is now available on Project Muse and on our website



Table des matières / Table of Contents



« Il y a des gens d’humeur vagabonde qui déménagent tous les ans » : stratégies et mobilité sociale de la classe ouvrière de Québec durant la Longue Dépression de 1873

Guillaume Durou

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“Efficiency and Evangelism”: Peter Bryce and the Making of Liberal Protestantism at Toronto’s Earlscourt Methodist Church

Todd R. Stubbs

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From Rome to Montreal: Importing Relics of Catacomb Saints Through Ultramontane Networks, 1820-1914

Michel Dahan

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Answering the Call to Serve their (Acadian) Nation: The Volunteers of the 165th Battalion, 1911-1917

Gregory Kennedy

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Worthless Cheques and Financial Honour: Cheque Fraud and Canadian Gentlemen Officers during the First World War

Matthew Barrett

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Marie-Claire Daveluy (1880-1968), historienne des femmes

Louise Bienvenue

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What’s in a Photograph? Debating Images of Italian Canadian Internment

Gabriele Scardellato

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Anticiper « la rançon d’une trop grande prospérité » : perceptions québécoises de l’économie, 1945-1975

Stéphanie O’neill 

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Études critiques / Review Essays


Gender and Business: Recent Literature on Women and Entrepreneurship

Melanie Buddle

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Autonomisation des francophonies minoritaires canadiennes, 1900-1950

Patrick Lacroix

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A Question of Scale in the Histories of Indigenous Education

Braden Te Hiwi

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Comptes rendus / Book Reviews


Anctil, Pierre – Histoire des Juifs du Québec

Ira Robinson


Bleasdale, Ruth – Rough Work: Labourers on the Public Works of British North America and Canada, 1841-1882.

Robert C. H. Sweeny


Bourbeau, Amélie – Techniciens de l’organisation sociale. La réorganisation de l’assistance catholique privée à Montréal (1930-1974)

Frédéric Viguier


Gaboriaux, Chloé et Arnault Skornicki (dir.) – Vers une histoire sociale des idées politiques

Yvan Lamonde


Hasegawa, Tsuyoshi – Crime and Punishment in the Russian Revolution: Mob Justice and Police in Petrograd.

J.-Guy Lalande


Hong, Young-Sun – Cold War Germany, the Third World, and the Global Humanitarian Regime.

Eric Allina


Ladd-Taylor, Molly – Fixing the Poor: Eugenic Sterilization and Child Welfare in the Twentieth Century.

Jon Wlasiuk


Livesay, Daniel – Children of Uncertain Fortune: Mixed-Race Jamaicans in Britain and the Atlantic Family, 1733-1833.

Matthew Wyman-McCarthy


Rappaport, Erika – A Thirst for Empire: How Tea Shaped the Modern World.

Anne EC McCants


Rediker, Marcus – The Fearless Benjamin Lay: The Quaker Dwarf who became the First Revolutionary Abolitionist.

Dea Boster


Reinhardt, Steven G. – Violence and Honor in Prerevolutionary Périgord,

Sylvie Perrier


Smith, Steven Carl – An Empire of Print: The New York Publishing Trade in the Early American Republic.

Ronald J. Zboray


Tsipursky, Gleb – Socialist Fun: Youth, Consumption, and State-Sponsored Popular Culture in the Cold War Soviet Union, 1945-1970.

Peter Collmer


Whittle, Jane, ed. – Servants in Rural Europe: 1400-1900.

Jeanne Clegg


Young, Kathryn A. and Sarah M. McKinnon – No Man’s Land: The Life and Art of Mary Riter Hamilton.

Laura Brandon

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