Canadian Journal for New Scholars in Education (CJNSE) is Seeking Graduate Manuscript Reviewers

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Hello! My name is Danielle Lorenz; I am the 2018 Managing Editor for the Canadian Journal for New Scholars in Education (CJNSE), and a PhD candidate in Educational Policy Studies at the University of Alberta. CJNSE is an open access, bilingual non-masked, peer-reviewed journal published by graduate students for the dissemination of works by graduate students at Canadian universities. 

We are currently seeking interested graduate students in education or related disciplines to serve as reviewers for the Spring 2019 issue. Interested persons are asked to sign up on our website as a reviewer and record their research interests. If your research interests match one of the papers under review, the 2019 Managing Editor, Andrew Coombs (Queen's University) will send you a request to review. You can find out more information on how to sign up on to our website in this Google Doc: 

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to us via email (, Twitter (@CJNSE1), or Facebook ( 

Our next issue should be published about December 10th 2018, so look out for that, too!