Two articles about academic controversies

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Here are two artciles about aspects of growing controveries in academia.

Decolonizing the Academy

Who’s afraid of the call to decolonize higher education?

June 22, 2021
"Perhaps you’ve seen the T-shirt that says “Decolonize Everything.”

The word “decolonize” has become inescapable. There are calls to decolonize the museum and the art worlds, fashion, diet, publishing, the internet, and the media.

But it’s within education that calls for decolonization have echoed loudest. The phrases proliferate: decolonize the academy, the canon, the classroom, the syllabus and our pedagogy."

Florida Law Will Require Public Colleges to Survey for ‘Intellectual Freedom’ and ‘Viewpoint Diversity’

By Emma Pettit

June 23, 2021

"Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida signed legislation on Tuesday that requires public colleges to survey their level of “intellectual freedom and viewpoint diversity,” among other things. Faculty groups have criticized the new law as unnecessary and potentially chilling."